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Why Hate RE5? (360 users)

***Not all people on 360 are mindless ants that are the scourge to online gaming. They are not the "masses" or "target audience" for dumbed down or just plain stupid games. However in general, on the average, most kids on xbox 360/live are DUMB as my "fellow" Americans who push pro-life and their dried up religious views onto others***

I can take a wild guess as to why.

Most do not like the fact that you cant:

1. Run and gun mindlessly, kind of like a braindead zombie?
2. Lack of ammo = player actualy having to aim precisely (aiming in a shooter? my head aches!)
3. Be a 7ft tall super soldier in 2 ton armor w/ health regen, or what I refer to as... a comfort blanket.
4. Survive & thinking, multitasking is just too much to ask for most kids on live.

So, instead of dubbing a game as crap because it doesn't pay attention to your old, piss poor habbits, or the fact that you might be afraid of change or lack the ability to adapt... Shame on you.

And for the rest of you decent folk who are outnumbered by this waste of gold accounts on XBL. Continue playing and enjoying this video game demo, wether you anticipate the release or not. At least some of us out there can handle a game, or at least if we can't, we are not ignorant enough to bash it because we can't play it. You've got a litter of other games to pick from, go back to halo or some other simple game. There's plenty available.

Know your place. Is it possible for someone to be good at a game and to still declare it as crap? YES. Is it more likely that a player who IS crap will dub the game what THEY actualy are as a gamer? You bet your coinpurse it is.

If you're reeled in by the flamebait, it's because I just described you. Again, for the people who have difficulty reading... I wasn't talking about all players on xbl, just the majority. So don't read this blog like I wrote it for only your eyes to see. That's more ignorant than the kid who dubs a game crap when they can't change or use that waste of an organ in their skull.

Call me an "elitist" for being right. I'd rather be an elitist than another peice of waste ruining xbl with their consistant selfish baby antics.

"Boo hoo this game isn't for me, it must suck!"
1. Cry me a river
2. Build a bridge and get over it
3. Jump off the bridge and drown in your own tears
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