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Some people love to play the victim (throwback from way back)

I'll start by saying: I had to. I just had to.

I recently was pointed in the general direction of a radical feminist blogging community called Shakesville and because I possess one of those icky, yucky, fleshy, sausage looking things called a dildo... sorry, penis. I meant to say penis... I was well apprehensive to read anything these ladies had to say. That is to say I WAS apprehensive to read anything these ladies had to say, because up until I read a letter decked out in supposed satire detailing how the PSN-exclusive game called Fat Princess was apparently 'sexist' and 'heteronormative,' the apprehensive feeling that I had harboured somewhere in between my solar plexus and my bowels subsided rather quickly... mainly because i had just eaten some delicious homemade chicken fried rice and I had to expel some excess gas and such from my body.

Now, you know what I'm like. I can't sit idle and just watch people just senselessly bash the crap out of something they haven't actually played, watched, listened to, or read. Such is the case of the ladies (and gents, according to the comments area of all the different posts I've read) of Shakesville. So I took a stab at trying to show the wonderful people of Shakesville a different way of looking at things, all while not trying to find controversy where there isn't any.

All of the relevant linky-poos are here. i suggest reading them in order to get the full gist of what's goings on... my comment on the Shakesville blog is by a chap called The_Auracle, but you already knew that ;-) :
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