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I'm Destructoid's AP Style Manager, Even If I'm Not Official

As any literary establishment should recognize, the importance of a copy-editor (someone who maintains AP Style in posts), is integral to its success. Every time a fact is incorrect, a name is misspelled or grammar is incorrectly used, the merit of the establishment wanes. I'm here to fix that.

I am, in no way, professionally associated with Destructoid, but, because I'm a nice dude, I offer my copy-editing skills at no charge. Because really, it's too important not to do.

Look for my AP Style assessments in the comment sections of everything every editor writes.

I'll perform every duty an effective copy-editor should. I'll fact-check, reorganize sentences so as to improve their overall fluency and I'll examine grammar for proper use.

Now, hopefully the post author sees my corrections in a timely fashion and updates the entry, but if not, what can I do?

Journalism, whether it be at the New York Times or Destructoid, is rooted in words. Writing is all about clarity, directness and fluency. I appreciate the editorial staff at Destructoid's ability to form eloquent, smooth sentences. But, like any publication, mistakes are made. And I'm here to correct them.

Whether or not you agree with the decisions I make, or that my job exists at all, I will remain diligent in my assault on improper language. You might say "yeah, well, we knew what he was going for," but I won't stand for it.

"Too" does not equal "to" and "their" is not the same as "they're."

AP Style FTW!
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