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Do you need to space out this Christmas? Try The Night Chrismas Ended on steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/558440/


I have helped to make The Night Christmas Ended, which is now out on Steam. It has been cool to make an old school game like the ones I grew up with!


Do you feel like fighting Rudolph this Christmas? You can do that in The Night Christmas Ended.


There is no hot water for my bath! So tempted to skip the university today and stay home and play Splatoon.


Last year I had to play test a Xmas game a lot, because I was part of the dev-team. I ended up playing it like a robot, which was a bad when we had to record video of the trailer. Even the game told me I suck at it. It shows you can play a game too much.


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The Night Christmas Ended (2016)