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I wish Nintendo had released Star Fox,(Snes) Yoshi's Island, (Snes) and Earthbound Beginnings,(Famicom) on the 3DS VC.


DKC Returns on Wii, is kind of overrated, it's way to easy, and lacks charm.


Nintendo should release Star Fox 64/Assault HD, those games are bloody amazing.


Borderlands 2 is so adicting!!! Been playing since last may, and i can't stop revisiting this wonderful game!!!


Anyone else hate Mario Kart Wii but me? The multiplayer is a luck based mess, and the single player has awful rubber banding. Even the graphics are disappointing, and look slightly better then a N64 game. Well at least the tracks and roaster are good!!!


Im having trouble getting into Dynasty Warriors 7, the game is really repetitive and easy. And the co-op is dull, any other Warriors games worth playing???


Crash Nitro Kart is to me, the last good original Crash game. It has a fun and additive formula, passed down from CTR. And through sort, is sweet. I highly recommend it, to those who haven't played it yet, or those who are hyping up CTRNF.


Been playing Rayman 2, it's a ok game. Just has tons of problems, like it's easy as crap dificulty. I'd give it a 6/10


DK Jungle Beat is a underrated gem on the GameCube, the game has awsome boss fights and a interesting life system. I recommend playing it. However play it on GameCube as the Wii ports crap.


Star Fox Asault is underrated, i mean sure the land missions are repetitive and the final boss has no patterns. But the arwing missions are great, and the multiplayer is amazing.


Played some Skyrim PS3, never reckoned i would see a nord sneaking past a dead bear.


Played some Skyrim PS3, never reckoned i would see a nord sneaking past a dead bear.


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