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Best. Games. Evar(?)

So, in my unending quest to play all the best games of all time, I thought, what better place to find some decent lists than the vasty reaches of the interwebs. So, through my thorough interweb research, I stumbled across a variety of list...


It's all downhill from here...

Avast, ye hearties. There be spoilers in these waters. Albeit, spoilers so old your mom probably wouldn’t be all that surprised, but spoilers nevertheless. You’ve been warned… Do you remember the first time this happened: You jumped...


For those about to die: Lavos

Did you just pee your pants? You should. Go ahead, I can wait. … Now, did you wash your hands and wring out your underoos? Excellent, now lets get on with it. Epic fear should take root in your heart when you hear his name. Lavos. ...


When men were men and games were hard

Do you recognize this image? If not, you're probably too young to appreciate anything that's about to follow. And/or you have never been exposed to some of the best games of all time. I just revisited Contra for the first time in ye...


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