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Calling out to my fellow PS3 owners...

I need abit of help guys. I have to send in my PS3 because of the 2.40 update problem. Thing is, they want a receipt, and it was a gift, and my aunt didn't keep the receipt. Also, I kept using it to watch my HD rips for a while, and now the...


Mega Man is pretty Awesome...

...Eh kills robot masters, and doesn't afraid of anything. You kids are still here? Either way, I have news. I have started making a Mega Man belt clippy-thingie/buckle. That's right. Mega Man. On my crotch. My crotch. Nut-sack. UPDA...


We meet again, internets...

[I say again due to my arty blog elsewhere] Anyhow... hello everyone. I guess I'll get the basics out of the way, I'm a printmaking major, and a total nerd. I grew up on video games, Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers, and the 80's/90's the...


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