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Episode 5 is LIVE!!!

That's right boy's and girls it's time for the 5th rendition of The Interweb Show to blow thru your minds. Just click the link below to check it out! Also you can call in via skype to theinterwebshow -DJ Sil...


Harry Potter Premier

I sit amongst all the other people prepared to see the 5th installment of the Harry Potter movie. A certain comic comes to mind as I see all the people from age 10 to age 40 dressed up in their Wizard and Witch outfits running around "casti...


About The Interweb Showone of us since 7:07 PM on 07.05.2007

The Interweb Show is an internet video podcast that I use to collect my thoughts about gaming, tech, and modding. It airs every Wednesday and I strive to bring you the best quality show I can. On this blog you will see information about The Interweb Show as well as stuff we do including live events, gaming and tech related movies and other podcasts. If you like my writing or my posts feel free to add me as a friend on the CLOGS!

-DJ Silent

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