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Why Games Make Us Mad

Right then, here goes. Iím going to use this opportunity to have a closer look at the competitive animal that resides in all of us. You know the one. Itís what made you throw your SNES controller at the wall as a kid. Itís the self same bea...


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A bit about myself eh? Second hand car salesman based in good ol' Blighty. Gaming for far to many years and am still the proud owner of an Acorn Electron and a shiny ZX Spectrum. Love a good fighter, but am equally happy with a jrpg. 32 years young these days but that is subject to change. Been following Destructoid for a little while and decided to join up, mainly cos i love a community with a sense of humour (even if for half of you i think it's unintentional)

So thats it i think.

Personal stuff..... Check
Gaming past...... Check
Gaming interests...... Check
Insult half the community....... Check

Yep. I'm done, catch you all around.