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I am please to announce that Spider-Man 3 is now the best comic book movie to feature Venom!


MRW people say there isn't a good movie adaption of a video game.


Holy shit, the Phoenix Wright trilogy is going multi-platform. Now you don't have an excuse to not play my favorite franchise!


Another Nintendo Direct, another reminder that they still don't know how online infrastructure works.


Wow people are still mad at Dunkey over his non-serious "review" of Octopath?


I had to admit I wasn't initially excited for it, but the second season of Luke Cage was surprisingly great!


Just found someone who legitimately tried to argue that Monster Hunter was mainly about conservational efforts. Yeah I certainly got that feeling after murdering 15 Rathalos in a row for a plate.


To celebrate the upcoming Spider-Man game I just want to go ahead and admit I still like Spider-Man 3. It's definitely not the worst Spider-Man movie despite what the memes say, no that dishonor goes to Amazing Spider-Man 2.


It's been a while since I played through a whole game in one sitting but Oxenfree just so compelling to go through. I can't wait for my second playthrough.


If you're looking for a recommended game from the Steam Sale, why not try OneShot? It's got a great story and Cat People, what more could you ask for?


MRW when Capcom reveals nothing relating to Ace Attorney during E3.


I always have a hard time getting into more traditional JRPGs and yet there's something about the Dragon Quest franchise that manages to hold my attention. Does anyone else have a similar feeling?


A year of PC gaming has completely ruined my ability to enjoy console multiplayer shooters. I tried playing Black Ops 3 and it was like aiming in molasses :(


Yup, for me Microsoft definitely won E3 this year. This was partly because Sony and Nintendo were so damn disappointing but mostly because Microsoft actually showed some surprising & interesting games, exclusives be damned!


Good Job Microsoft, you've finally had an E3 conference that interested me. A pretty good contender for best E3 conference of the year.


Totally forgot I got some leftover discount codes from the capcom bundle so i'll just leave them in the comments. Expires by tonight.


Nothing is catching my eye so heres a 20% off psn code, expires today.


Hey Destructoid, you love your undertales and your cat people right? Then I implore you to play OneShot, one of the few narrative games that left me feeling so emotional when I got to the end.


My review of Superhot VR: So full of action it made me break a lightbulb!


You know I've never done any hard psychedelic drugs in my life but Thumper in VR gives a very compelling case of why I should.


Konami is making another 2D castlevania game!... For iphone and android...


The Syberia franchise is on sale, does anyone recommend it for its story and characters?


I wish Ubisoft would release a standalone Assassins Creed multiplayer game, that was an actual mode I was pleasantly surprised by.


Currently watching the Santa Clarita Diet and I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I'm enjoying it, it's like Dexter crossed with a family sitcom!


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