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Overlord: Evil is as evil does.

Combine the moral choices and artistic style of "Fable" with the creature commanding of "Pikmin," throw in a healthy dose of "Lord of the Rings" influence, and you've got "Overlord," a game that shows just how fun evil can be. "Overlord" g...


The Darkness: A review.

Ah, the 21st birthday. When many people take the last step into full legality. However, for Jackie Estacado, the big two-one isn't a time to spend reveling in booze. It's a time to spend reveling in darkness. Estacado is a mafia hitman in ...


About The Dudeone of us since 4:20 PM on 07.29.2007

Way back in the day, 8th grade to be precise, I was sitting in my English class reading a Game Informer when I was struck by an epiphany: there are people who get paid to play video games.

From this point forward I was on a quest, an epic journey if you will, one that would rival any Final Fantasy. I wanted to be a video game journalist.

I set my sights on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for a degree in journalism, and got my foot in the proverbial door by becoming the video games reviewer (and occasional columnist) for the student newspaper The Daily Nebraskan.

It is my hope that after completing my education I can return to my native state of Minnesota, but in the end I just want to work where ever I can get paid to rant about video games.

I don't expect to become a professional game-ranter out of sheer luck. So, I am very open to comments and criticisms, just keep them constructive. "ZOMG u r teh suX0rs!" just isn't helpful.

Until then, The Dude abides.

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