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A whole new project

It felt weird being on the top 1000 I took a break for a while to settle down from the madness that was my trip, but now I'm back to use this Blog as a platform for my next endeavor- A UT3 mod. I hope just as many people that were interest...


STtJ- The afterthought

Extra late edition *Warning*- There will probably be a large amount of text with no pictures. Don't say I didn't warn you. So I know I said "within the week" but that quickly turned into "about a week and a half later", oh well. And here...


STtJ- Last Day

All good things come to an end. Last day...and I don't want to leave. Also- I lied to you guys again- not too many pics today AND I didn't go to Den-Den town. Also, I eventually realized that they really don't like when you take pictures...


STtJ- Day 10

What pictures? So one of the reasons why so many pictures have been blurry is because I'm not using flash. the reason for this is that its easier to just keep a no flash setting on, so that I don't make the people in the companies I was vi...


STtJ- Day 9

Not Godzilla attack So I lied to you guys- No kimono's or Japanese Dance, but I did go to the golden palace and a bunch of other really ancient cool places Yeah, today we took off slightly early to go tour 3 places. First up was this re...


STtJ-Day 8

Drums Today was a long day simply because of the extra early wake up and the large amounts of walking/train riding. So we ended up almost being late because two of the kids on the trip didn't wake up until we were all downstairs waiti...


STtJ- Day 7

I can has hairdo. Today I woke up and took a visit to one of the 2 Tokyo Jump Shops (Weekly Shonen Jump official shop). Got a few pics of interesting shops in that subway mall. Afterward I went to Harijuku to get a hai...


STtJ- Day 6

When it rains it pours So today was interesting. My picture taking has taken a huge hit. One reason is because I'm not allowed to take pictures inside of awesome studios, but another is because we're walking everywhere and so far walking...


STtJ- Day 5

I'm starting to loose it. Seriously, I'm a lazy kid, I usually sleep between 11PM and 3 AM and wake up between 10AM and 1 PM. Here on this trip, I'm sleeping at like 11-2 and waking up between 8 and 9. At first I was fine, but its starting...


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