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The Black Smoke
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There are very few things in life i would comfortably bet my house on, however my PS3 not dying would probably be one of them. Well if i had made that bet then i would be typing this from outside my neighbours house whilst stealing their wi...


About The Black Smokeone of us since 6:02 PM on 07.18.2008

Male 23 London UK

graphic designer/web developer

PSN ID:BotheredBiskit

I own all 3 current next gen ( the wii is questionable ) consoles, however the PS3 is the one getting all my attention for the most part. I enjoy writing as a side hobby and think a site like Dtoid is a good way to get your thoughts out to people with similar interests. Not in to drama or people being assholes just for the sake of it and i especially hate when people abuse the fuck out of MEMES. However i love talking about games and gaming culture as much as i can.

My PS3 full retail games list ( despite the "fact" that "teh delaystation 3 haz no gamez lolz" ):

Metal gear solid 4/online ( My personal goty ), Uncharted, Little big planet, Naruto uns, Valkyria chronicles, Prince of Persia, Burnout Paradise, Motorstorm, Midnight Club LA, gta snore, Devil may cry 4, Ninja gaiden sigma, Dbz burst limit, Soul Calibur 4, Virtua fighter 5, Assassins creed, guitar hero world tour and rockband, Call of duty 4: modern warfare, bioshock, Heavenly sword (underated is an understatement).

PSN downloaded games list:

Warhawk (simply put, amazing), Wipeout HD, Pixel junk eden and monsters, Tekken5 dr, Pain ( including expansions ), Flow, Stardust Hd, super puzzle fighter 2 turbo, Lemmings, Super rub-a-dub ( dont ask ), Crash commando, Loco roco, a bunch of eye toy games and that fish tank thing.

Im sure i missed out some games but im writing this from off the top of the dome.

Most wanted games:

Killzone 2, SF4 and Hd remix ( hurry the fuck up sony europe ), Uncharted 2, Heavy rain, Final fantasy versus 13 ( not being a fanboy, versus just looks better imho ).

Titles i missed out on but will check out sooner or later:

Fallout 3, Saints row 2, Cod:waw, Tomb raider underworld, mirrors edge, de blob, Far cry 2, Dead space.


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