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Pika? Chu?

Does anyone still play Pokemon? Because I do. I am a generation one pokemon trainer. I started with Pokemon Red when I was in high school, and for SOME REASON, I keep playing them when a new one comes out. Why you ask? Because they are l...


I Got You Sucka!

I am a huge sucker for marketing, and this generation has been doing a great job with it, but almost too good. I love the collector's editions and the preorder bonuses. The way my mind works is "well if I was planning on getting it anyway...


Trend in fighting games

You know what I hate? There's this trend in fighting games (Capcom looking at you) to add challenge modes to fighting games. I commend developers for adding extra modes to their games BUT.... these modes suck (IMO). I remember back in the...



I loved my time at PAX. 2010 was a fantastic time. I met a lot of really cool people and made some very fond memories. Watching Showgirls with Chad Concelmo was EPIC. One of the best movie watching experiences I have ever had. And that mov...


Musings by The Astros

Hello DTOID! I love this site and the people that comprise it. Just a little background into how I became aware of DTOID: Once graduating from college one of my dear friends, Jesse Cortez, known to some others as Tactix, moved to the Bay ...


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