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About Thatjone of us since 1:08 PM on 06.05.2010

Age: 27

I am a content manager for a major online forum. I'm very lucky as I get to work with and play computer games with my wife. I live in the middle of England. I'm currently saving up to spend a few months traveling around the world - starting with New York.

Gaming (Favorite - Elder Scrolls Oblivion)
Reading (Favorite - Chris Paolini)
Cinema (Favorite - LOTR)
Basketball (Favorite - LA Lakers)
TV (Favorite - Avatar The last Air Bender)

Systems I own:
XBox 360
Nintendo DS
Nintendo Wii

All time favourite games:
Deus Ex
Bio Shock
Modern Warfare 2
Fall Out 3
Elder Scrolls 4
Mass Effect 1+2
Mario Kart (the original for the SNES)
Max Payne 1+2
Hitman 1+2+3
King Pin
Fable (only 1 - rest are bad)
Sid Meiers Pirates
Alpha Centauri