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A serious thought: Games as Art

Art based on game content. The following is my personal stance on the games not just as art, but as a culture and how people understand the whole thing. It will be passionate and serious. There are also allot of links embedded within. ...


In a Flash: Cluesweeper

So. We have Clue with brooms. Obviously. I mean, I was just as curious as you to see what sort of dastardly murders were committed with the broom. Placed strategically on the second step? Turned into a makeshift spear? Used to choke someo...


Don't make me Lobotomize You: Morality

Morality. Alignment. The fun little thing thrown into games to give you shiny new powers and dialog options in generally three distinct flavors per game; such as helpy-mc-helperton, casual observer, and massive dick. Generally those live...


In A Flash: Infectonator World Dominator

This first edition is dedicated to Infectonator World Dominator, a game that features Santa, mad scientists, Michel Jackson, and of course seal clubbers. And in case you didn't realize my friend every Thursday will birth another edition o...



Its a funny thing to think that I'm starting my first real post in this massive cesspit of ideals and opinions about this subject. But I think its needed simply because as nerd culture goes continuity is one of the most important things t...


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Look. If you want to learn about me and my trival tastes on whatsort of italian handbag SHOULD be in this season (and trust me, its not the one in now, oh no. That one is as tacky as a carnival glass lamp) then I think you want to learn too much Comrade Gestapo.


North and East within the united states, south of lovecraft I reside along the appilichan mountians in a land locked state with the highest population of Amish in the world. I see them on my trips throughout town where my good chaps and I drive about town in hopes of cureing our rampant apathy and angst all the tykes our age seem to have a few years after graduating highschool. I work in a plastics injection manufacturing machine shop, it is nowhere near as fun as it sounds and it consisists of mindnumbing boredum. A job offer at Walmart which is pending is somehow a step up from my current potsition.

Ive been gaming all my life, starting with a DOS computer, then an SNES, Followed by a PS1, then an N64, a PS2, an Xbox, and then an Xbox 360. Currently all my gaming is done on the PC (Nvidia Graphics card. Yeah, you ATI users can suck it. And consol wars are for CHILDREN) running windows (Because Macs arnt ment to game and Linix users bitch to much to create their own user generated gameing software that can run anything thats come out recently). I play all sorts of games and currently my blog is dedicated to gaming editorials, flash reviews, and a few other forthcomming projects.

I am a geek. I play tabletop. My friends get togther to have mexican standoffs with nerfguns. I read reguarly, watch films constantly, and participate in watching telivion activly as well as gaming.

Currently I have...

Finished Neil Gaiman's American Gods, a Novel C. 2001
I am Currently Reading, The Last Continent, The Man Who Was Thursday, Wicked, The SandMan Graphic Novels.
Marked the following films off my list; A Serious Man, Children of Men, Boondock Saints 1&2, This is Spinal Tap, Zardoz.
Next on my list are... Unknown, Suggestions needed.
The last Films I have seen in theater are... Inception, and Toy Story 3.
The Next Film In theaters I plan to see is... Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, The Expendables, The Kids Are Alright.
The last games Ive played are... Red Dead redemption,Farcry 2, Ben There Dan That, Silent hill: Shatterd Memories, Persona 3 FES.
The Games I am playing are...The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion w. Mods, Time Gentlemen Please, The Void, Plants V. Zombies, Kings Bounty: The Legend, Galactic Civ 2, Solium Infernum, Disgaea 2, AAAaaaAAAaa A reckless disregard for Gravity, Team Fortress 2, Modern Warfare 2, Starcraft 2.

Happy you invasion of privacy asshole?