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Call for submissions: EuroToid Podcast team wanted

Dear all, I would love to create a new community podcast, and I would like to do it with the European Destructoid community. I am looking for eager video games fanatics who are keen to share their views with thousands (or more realisticall...


Narrative Rant: Proteus

A lazy afternoon. I sit on the couch and fire on my PS Vita. I open Proteus and get lost on an island. I do actually come from an island, Sardinia. It is a place in the middle of the Mediterranean. A sunny, warm place. I used to live by t...


Opinion: It's time to stop playing JRPGs

Or at least, it is for me. Letís admit it: Iím not getting any younger. I have a day job and I write silly editorials while commuting back and forth from it, and I find myself scribbling things like ďI really need to remember to buy milk fr...


Narrative Rant: Luftrausers

Luftrausers chewed me and spit me on the floor, but I always went back for more. I played it until it wasn't fun to play, and became plain frustrating. I kept on playing it until I hated myself, the developer Vlambeer, the publisher Revolve...


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Matteo Muscas is a Sardinian born writer, and he likes words. Also, he speaks of himself in third person more often than he should.

(Now switching to first person).
I recently graduated in Creative Writing at Birkbeck, University of London, UK, where I specialised in creative non-fiction and poetry, surrounded by the general uninterest of the public.

I write mostly about indie video games and portable consoles.

I am a tech geek; pop culture aficionado; graphic novel/movie/tv series/book lover; video game expert. I could talk and write endlessly about anything that the internet generation is on hype about. I likes pizza and penguins.
Once, when I was a child, I've been a velociraptor.