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Run DMC, Run

So, earlier this month, the HD collection of Devil May Cry came out. I got myself a copy for the Xbox, and, in all honesty, just wanted to play them on my old PS2 again.

I remember DMC3 the most from my “youth”, so a vast majority of my judgements are from that game, as I have less experience with the other two.

One thing I do remember very vividly, was that the graphics were a lot better on PS2 than this Xbox edition. Years ago, when the opening video of DMC3 played before me for the first time, I was gripped, and excited. The one key “wowza” moment for me was when Dante and Virgil’s swords collide, suspending the rain around them like a dome for a split second, and how clear it was. This time around? It looks dull, and like there’s white noise in the back ground. And that’s for all of the game.

Another criticism for the HD DMC3, is that the controls seem less responsive. I remember destroying each level in 30% less of the time than it took me now.

In contrast, DMC1 looks awesome, and resplendent and is very reactive; the HD makeover did it the world of good. The various Marionettes remain as creepy as ever with their freaky movements, and jerky attacks, and Phantom is as orange and spidery as ever.

From having a skeet at DMC3 to see how it looks, to starting the saga from the start; there’s a real noticeable lack of effort put in as the games go on. I mean, so far Capcom have been churning them out; there’s this, 2 Silent Hills, 2 Residents Evil’s - have they maybe took too much on? From the problems with Silent Hill HD, and now the declining quality featuring on DMC, I can’t help but think Capcom should give it a break and fully focus on putting something genuinely good out there. I think gamer opinion and lack of bitching about it trumps profits and market saturation (or I’d like to think that anyway..)

I’m not completely displeased though. It’s been so long since I got that a game that made me sit up in my seat, scream obscenities at the television and pull a muscle in my arm hammering the Y button over; and now I finally have one again (over-looking the aforementioned disappointments, of course. Which I will - I‘m too much of a Dante lover to let off-graphics beat me).

Replaying the classics has definitely got me impatient for DMC5; I can’t wait to fully see how it’s been tackled. That, and I’m actually glad someone else took over it now…Sorry Capcom, but you’re going to shit.

Would I recommend this though? Maybe to people who want a nostalgia kick, but for people new to Dante - wait for the new game, or just play DMC1.

For my next post, I’ll be going back to my over-positive, hyper self, previewing things I‘m excited for and haven‘t had my expectations shattered over! I’m not good at this critical lark… Take care kiddies…
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