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Run DMC, Run

So, earlier this month, the HD collection of Devil May Cry came out. I got myself a copy for the Xbox, and, in all honesty, just wanted to play them on my old PS2 again. I remember DMC3 the most from my ďyouthĒ, so a vast majority of my ju...


My Heart Belongs to Rapture

Donít get me wrong - I am very excited about Bioshock Infinite. The first time I saw the 15-odd min scripted demo video, it blew my lady-balls off. But Bioshock (the original) was my first true love on the Xbox. And the thing about first lo...


Batman - City of Terror?

I guess youíd call this post all one big spoiler. Just putting it out there (even if I donít really need to, depending on how much you know) before you read and go crazy at me because I didnít ďwarnĒ you. Iím taking a look at the future of...


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