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Hello Dtoid.

Okay, so i have been putting this off for a while but i finally decided to get off my lazy ass and be somewhat productive. This is my dtoid intro cblog intro, the real deal guys. Now i barely comment in the dtoid posts page (mostly cause im lazy and i feel most posts don't warrant the time and effort it would take to convert my thoughts into actually coherent and well written words) so some of you may not know me. So let me introduce myself.

My name is Stephen. I'm am African (not African American), and I am mostly well spoken though i do occasionally fall into rants of raving madness.

I am large, just about 6'4 and i peek around 220ib. I'm also a shade or two away from what you would call Nigerian black.

That is not me off-course im 17 and still somewhat look the part. But imagine a gentlemen of that shade plus a shade or two darker. I enjoy a number of different games genres, i enjoy races, sims, strategy and of course fps's.

My hobbies are reading, running, and art(im not too good at one of those though). I plan to write blogs that you guys will hopefully like.

I like hard scifi books, and space operas.I guess thats it. On a side note despite my name, im mostly a serious well grounded individual. Thats all of it i recon.
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im stephen! hi How are you? Im doing fine. Im a senior in high school and i plan to go to unf with a major in art.(im shit at it though) while taking the preresiquite undergrad med school clases. I hope you like me as much as i like you.(its a lot trust me)
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