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Console VS PC!

Merry Christmas! I love you DToid Freaks! I hope this qualifies as a a blog post now :) To make it easier on the eyes, click on the high resolution link! : http://bulk2.destructoid.com/ul/user/5/52958-158656-ssjpg-noscale.jpg


The Saboteur

I love sandbox games, even though the genre went downhill after GTA San Andreas, there are some note worthy titles that came after such as Crackdown and Saint's Row. (there are some that I threw in the trash bin like State of Emergency an...


Dante's Inferno Demo Review

In my 28 years of gaming I have never written a single game review. First of all Iím no writer, and secondly, given my schedule Iíd rather play video games than write about them. But Danteís Inferno is an exception. Being a fan of hack-an...


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