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Top 5 Hottest Ladies Fighting Games

Iff I had a chance to meet someone in real life from a game, I would choose someone from the Fighting Games.
DOA, SC, SF etc. they all have nice characters. Here's my top 5.

5 Talim - SC
Yeah, I like Talim. My favorite SC II character. She isn't hot or something like that.
But she's cute. The SC IV version of Talim is the cutest character I've ever played with.
Especialy when she's wears her Kity suit with the blonde hair. Great...

4 Cassandra - SC
Whoa, another SC character! Cassandra is blonde, green eyes ( in SC IV ) and has
a sexy stance. Her throws are terrific. Her kicks are splendid. Her attitude is great.
Alright, she doesn't have boobs like Ivy or Taki, but boobs are not everything in life...

3 Cammy - SF
At young age I thought she was ugly. But when you grow up your taste changes. And also the girls.
Cammy is blonde ( yeaaah ) and has a musculair body. The blue eyes fits her hair and she has
a cool scarf on her face. She wears a cool barret and a militairy outfit. No big boobs, but also no problem.

2 Ayane - DOA
Ayane is maybe one of my reasons to but DOA Xtreme 2. ( People say the game really suck, I don't know ).
Purple hair, sexy outfit and a cute face. She also got quite the boobs. Her ninja style fits her totally. Sneaky fast
and sneaky sexy. Cool...

1 La Mariposa/Lisa - DOA
Woow, this is it! My number 1 favorite Fighting Girl! Brown skin, quite big boobs and a sexy outfit.
The mask is really important. Without mask she isn't pretty as with the mask. The first outfit rocks.
The second, third and fourth not. The way she dances around is greaaat. Perfect voice and a nice
fight style. Delicious!
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