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I'm not southern, so don't get the wrong idea! The name is Jason and I've here to write. For some reason, I have chosen the Foe theme for Destructoid and it's the most hilarious thing I have seen in web design...in almost ever. Good show.

I have been visiting Destructoid off and on for a while now. One of things that brought me back here again was the fact that IGN really isn't the place I visited back the and I am looking for a new place to call my home on the internet. I have looked at Polygon and they seem to have a great community, but I want to look around a little bit more. I'm not a guy that wants to go to GameFAQs, I want a place where community and quality is everything, instead of quantity. That's what IGN had for so many years and now it's just an unorganized mess.

With that in mind, hi there Destructoid! I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Oh and here's a parting gift from me to you.

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