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Is Being The First The Best?

It seems as though that there is a trend of game and hardware manufacturers being the first out in the great console race and a lot of the times, the first one's out of the gates are some of the best consoles out there. There are some other...


The New Hotness

HOWDY! I'm not southern, so don't get the wrong idea! The name is Jason and I've here to write. For some reason, I have chosen the Foe theme for Destructoid and it's the most hilarious thing I have seen in web design...in almost ever. Good...


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Oh Hai.

The name is Jason. I'm a video game professional looking to land an opportunity in the video game industry. I have been a gamer for, gee, I don't know all of my life and I love to write and talk about video games.

My favorite video game cannot be told in a manner of speaking. You need to hitch a ride on a space ship filled with balloon animals and tear gas. Only then you can find out what my favorite game is....OK...I don't have one!

I do have a favorite sport, though and that's baseball! I am huge fan of the Red Sox. Screw those Yankees, they ain't stuff!

Hit me back, just to chat. Your biggest fan, this is Thabass...