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Wannabe Dev and Teachers: Games and Podcast noobs

So it's been a long time and a wild ride since my last (and first blog post); I've changed career paths, come to terms with a few home truths and played a few more games from my Steam backlog. It's nice to have some time to myself again, ...


Wannabe Game Dev Talk: The Comfort Zone

Wow, first blog post and the first one as part of a series? Confident much, am I right? Anyway... We all know what the comfort zone is; that feeling when we know in certain situations there is almost no risk of you doing something stupid ...


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I guess you can say I'm an "aspiring" games programmer who dreams of just doing small, humble indie games until finally getting the fried chicken poisoning I am slowly working up to.

Favourite Genres: JRPGs (pre-XIII), Arcade Racers, Classic Platforman'.

I'll try anything once though. Would that make me a Bi-Gamer? I 'unno.

Favourite Games:
Final Fantasy V
Seiken Densetsu 3
Legend of Mana
BIT. TRIP Series
Deus Ex
Thunder Force IV

Currently studying Computer Science in a University in the UK.