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Astroman (XBox Live Arcade)


I really do have to give it to the good folks over at Tiny Cartridge for all the treasures they stumble upon each day to share with their readers. The rest of us benefit a great deal from their efforts and I wanted to take a moment to say "thanks" for that.

Case in point is Michael Stearn's new Indie Arcade game Astroman on the XBox Live service that Tiny profiled a couple of weeks ago. In this 2D platformer players take on the role of Astroman as he crash lands on an unknown planet and fights for his survival while recovering his ship piece by piece over hostile alien terrain. You can preview the game at the official site (linked above) and having done so I am profoundly saddened that the Xbox 360 is the one console that I don't have ready access to so that I can pay my dues and fire this up! The presentation is downright striking, the game play looks like a blast (pun intended) and the atmosphere is no less compelling. Look at the little yellow guy go!

Anyhow, for a measly $3.00 (or 240 Microsoft Points) gamers much luckier than myself have something really fun and worthwhile to look forward to (and truth be told I am half-owner of a 360 with my brother-in-law and the next time I've got it at my place I'm going to see what I can't do about downloading this baby)!

But that's just part of the experience. In addition to the game's obvious intrinsic and monetary value, Jeff Ball has composed an Astroman OST and he graciously offers it for download free at his official site to enjoy. I'm as excited about this because I downloaded it two weeks ago and can't get enough of it. Do yourself a favor and grab it!

[Update: I had the good fortune of speaking briefly with Astroman’s game designer Michael Stearn, and musician Jeff Ball after posting the entry above about the game and the free soundtrack and both creators were extremely gracious, glad to hear that the game is getting more online attention.

A free demo is available for anyone wanting to try the game first.]

Hope you enjoy them!
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