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I suck at games: Combos


I love fighting games. I don't think any other genre can be as competitive as fighting games. It's a true spectacle to see two people who are really good at Street Fighter III go at it. It's awe inspiring to watch the pro's of Guilty Gear kick the crap out of each other. It's hilarious to watch me and the FNF crew slap each other around in BlazBlue. To get to the level that the higher players are at, it takes a great amount of disipline and ability. It takes hours in practice mode and getting to know what your character can do. It takes time to memorize combos that you need in X situation against Y character. And this is the wall I hit when it comes to fighting games: combos.

Like I said, I love fighting games, but getting to the point where I know combos and can execute them on the fly, under pressure, is near impossible for me. I can get to know a character and how their normal moves work and use them to their full advantage, but looking at a list of combos from SRK, Dustloop, or any other informative fighting game website is...intimidating. I can hardly memorize test material for my college classes. How am I suppose to keep up with this stuff?

And you can't escape combos. They come in every fighting game. Sometimes they are actually really simple, like STHD doesn't have anything too complicated. Or they can be completely off the wall piss fuck insane, like Guilty Gear. The thing is, I have problems no matter what the game. My brain just doesn't work like that, and it holds me back in every fighting game I play.

I once had the notion to go to Evo about two years ago and backed out. I wanted to play Guilty Gear and Street Fighter III. I backed out because of the realization that I can't fucking do combos. I also used to play in a lot of tournaments locally, and stopped because I was getting handed by the people who had the ability. It was pretty hard on me, not just because my confidence can be shattered at a moments notice. Now a days I only play with people from Dtoid, because all we do is kick the shit and have fun. That's awesome and all, but I can't help but think that I somehow want to get better and be a competitor, not just someone who plays casually and "stinks up the scene" (as the assholes on SRK would put it).

Possibly the worst part is seeing the people who I play with advance past me. I know AoBRA is getting good real quick with Ragna. JackofNoTrades' Tager is fucking tough. Back in college when I played Guilty Gear obsessively, a handful of my friends started playing a bit more serious and I got left behind. I like to try to stay on par but not knowing combos, or even the basic memorization of combos, just keeps me at the bottom.

Fuck that shit.

That is why I suck at games. I suck at the purest fundamental of all fighting games: combos.
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