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DTOID paper models

Ever wanted to have cool DTOID toys to throw around, shine your desk, anal rape Barbies, or eat?

Now it�s YOUR chance to have them.

Teta found a way to create them, so he spend too many hours on the computer, cause he fucking sucks with his mouse (i blame Suma!).

After hours of creation, porn and masturbation, he finally gave birth to:
DTOID paper model

sexy NIEROTOID model

Electro lemon I am so happy i am gonna take off mah clothes

Dumb kid But teta what the fuck is that shit?

Those are paper models.

Dumb kid And those are for

Print, cut, paste and look cause it�s paper and it destroys with human touch.

Dumb Kid And how do i make them?

Click on the image, go to the bottom and click on PRINT

Then, grab a box of tools containing: Scissors, glue, a hammer, band aids, tampons, bananas, and a monkey.

Cut, paste and FINITO! Sexines on your hands, or hair, face, carpet and penis cause your name is Ralph Wiggum

Remember kids, eating glue is a NO NO.

Tomorrow it�s printing time for me, and i will post pictures.
Sorry for my crappy english, i haven�t slept very mush.

ps. Electro lemon, virtual girl, if you don�t want your photos on my crappy post tell me, i�ll delete them.
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