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What is your main attraction to gaming?

Often people see games as just games, there are others who see them as more than just games and they are mostly right. If we look at each component of a video game, it all breaks up into: books, movies, music, art, kinetic activity. In other words, gaming has achieved something no other form of media has, it has combined 5 different forms of leisure into one. It is that which attracts people to play games. As a result, there really is no simple answer. Some have an all rounded taste in each category whereas others have their own personal priorities in each category but appreciate the style in which video games utilize this media over other forms of media. I believe i come in the latter category, for me, as i have explained, i am a sucker for good music and many games offer it. For this reason, i can appreciate certain games others can not, yet i am unable to appreciate certain games which other people enjoy.

Everybody has a reason for why they play games, it's only the same reason why people watch movies. I have no idea why many people are unable to appreciate gaming as an equal form of media. My speculation for this is that gaming is just too good. Of course, gaming wasn't always like this, back in the late 70's early 80's, gaming had none or very few of these qualities but over time, gaming has become a combination of leisure activities that one would normally do separately. It is this reason why i believe gaming has led many to become lazy (of course not all of us are). This is why there are so many stereotypes. Most people would watch a movie, then they'll go out in the car, turn on their radio, go to the theater and finish the day with a game of golf. Gaming does all of these things in one. We don't need to waste time traveling to different places or turning on other appliances for our entertainment when we have all of this on our doorstep. If you think about it, one of the few recreational activities gaming doesn't let you do it eat.

Why Golf when we have Wii Sports?

Of course there will always be people who prefer the authenticity of old school recreational activities. All i say is more power to them. In any case, the fact of the matter is, gaming requires little to no effort. As much as people will say otherwise (particularly the competitive communities), gaming is by far the most versatile form of leisure which lets you do whatever you want to do from the comfort of your home.

Of course, there will always be things that gaming lacks is the social side, of course there are people out there you can meet up with but it's very difficult to find them, possibly due to the fact that we hide away due to the stereotypes gamers get but then again, i believe it's because people aren't willing to accept gaming. Ok i'll be honest, people are starting to appreciate gaming, but it's still a long way to go for gaming to be truly accept being an equal form of media to other forms of media. Personally i believe that game developers have a tougher job than any film director/book writer/musician because they have to do all of those jobs in one. So if you think about it, to develop a successful game on your own, you would have to be extremely versatile and even still, your game would never be a masterpiece because you're an all rounder. Chrono Trigger on the other hand was designed by a bunch of pioneers and is often considered to be the best RPG of all time. The job of a game developer is to find the right talent and to be as flexible as they possibly can to get the job done to make the best game they possibly can just thinking about it from a gamers point of view, it seems like a lofty task.

Then again, when well known talents from other forms of media come to assist in game design, it just doesn't feel right, i believe it requires a specific requirement of talent to develop a game and there are people out there who can provide it. I just wish that it was easier to point out and educate the people who have the potential to be successful in the gaming industry. I personally believe this is where gaming is going wrong. Having Leona Lewis sing My Hands at the end of Final Fantasy 13 isn't quite right but that's just me. Of course, things will never be this simple. Why? Because gaming isn't as well appreciated as other forms of media. Everybody has experienced books, films and music (well not all of us read books i suppose, probably due to the evolution of media) but not everyone has experienced gaming. If you think about it, gaming is the current form of evolution in media. Is it possible to go further? Well it's hard to believe so, because gaming has expanded so quickly but who knows?

Anyways i want to know what people enjoy most about gaming so leave your responses

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