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Top 5 Youtube Game Reviewers


Time for me to leave the hot seat for a few minutes... why? Because there are much more talented reviewers out there that you need to know.

Ok... ok i admit, i'm making a plugging blog, yes i'm plugging some Youtuber's who aren't all that popular, yes i do encourage you to watch them...

In any case how i'm going to do this is i'm going to bring up a video from one of my favorite Youtube reviewers and i'm going to talk about why i enjoy them, you can then go and subscribe to them yourself if you like, either that or you can tell me to stop making stupid plugs.

In any case lets get to my top 5:

5. TheDevilsJoker

Aka Rory Binks. This guy has been inactive for years... in fact, he never got to finish his Final Fantasy 13 review which was a shame. If you're looking for an informative reviewer, look elsewhere though whilst Rory does make a lot of good points in his own witty fashion, it might not be for people who are seriously considering purchasing a game, more for people who just want a good laugh from quite possibly the most witty, talented most entertaining british person on the internet. TheDevilsJoker makes me proud to be British.

His reviews may not be for everyone, neither will his humor but the amount of witty sarcasm that goes into his video's is mindblowing, he's just so unpredictable. One minute he's making a sarcastic remark about the game being bad, another minute he's making awkward gestures. Sometimes it's just the way he says things or his timing that makes him downright hilarious... or maybe it's just me. If you play games and you're british and you haven't watched this guy... you should.

He also does other funny video's as well as movie reviews, his most iconic being his Snakes On A Train review where he takes it apart and he somehow made watching the movie scenes feel less shitty by talking over them. TheDevilsJoker is without a doubt a living legend, Ashens was lucky to have bet face to face with him... despite the fact that he is vastly more popular. Despite this, Rory remained modest and actually had great respect for Ashens. It just made me laugh as a fan of Rory as despite the fact that Ashens is a talented individual, he's nothing in comparison to the great Rory Binks. If i ever see his video's in my sub box again, i will click it without hesitation, and you should too.

4. ShintaiReviews

Now unlike TheDevilsJoker, this is a reviewer that you may already be familiar with, if so, you know what to expect. Shintai is a good, honest, informative reviewer. He generally reviews action games and RPG's. His review structure is quite standard, he spends most of his time covering important points which are highly relevant to the respective game. He also manages to keep a cool headed persona even when reviewing some of the more dreadful games out there and isn't afraid to tear it apart limb by limb. His reviews are of course based on his experiences and as a result he will make a lot of valid points and point out important flaws. It's very easy to tell whether or not the game is for you by watching his reviews.

He will also readily interact with the community too, he is very open to other peoples views and critisicm's and it's really easy to engage in a conversation with him and he is just an all round pleasant person to listen to. If you're looking for a straight forward reviewer for RPG's/action games you've found the right place. He also has an anime channel too if that's your thing.

3. Stanburdman

Stanburdman is essentially the American Rory Binks, i would so love to see the two of them do a co-op lets play. So what do i think about Stanburdman's reviews? I think that the framerate of his video's could be a bit better and his video quality could be better so it drops a couple of points for that but dat voice... so overall he gets an official Stanburdman rating of a 9.999999999/10. This pretty much suns him up in a nutshell. Now of course, the framerate and the quality aren't an issue of his video's, i was just using it to describe his reviews. Stanburdman is without a doubt the most sarcastic reviewer on Youtube, it is impossible to describe the level of sarcasm in his video's and even if i tried to describe it, Stanburdman would describe it better.

So what makes Stanburdman differrent from the others on this list? He will review everything... literally everything (videogames of course) and he makes a hell of a lot of points, many you wouldn't even think are important... but they are because Stanburdman said so. he is very quick to praise yet quick to criticize and always seems to differentiate the game's flaws from it's qualities and is suprisingly open minded. Most people would think a floating tree in a game would be lazy game design but to Stanburdman, it is a phenomenon, something more games need and he is right... because he is Stan fucking burdman. Of course he doesn't hesitate to point out a games flaws but he always manages to keep a balanced emphasis on his reviews by expressing the good and bad points of a game concisely.

He also has quite possibly one of the most contageous laugh i've ever heard.

2. Alloy 7 Video

Very similar to Shintai though he's further up the list simply because he reviews a lot of different types of games. Alloy Seven (AKA B. Chambers) is very open minded and intelligent when it comes to his reviews and his video's in general. He's not quick to slate a game off due to having particular issues though he does vocalize his own issues with the games he plays without bringing judgement upon it. Instead he gives us the information we need and lets us decide for ourselves whether or not the game is good. Though this is a far differrent style of reviews to your average reviewer, his style actually works quite well and it's easy to tell if the game is for you just by watching his reviews. He also does game rants too where his brings up some very good points about issues in the gaming industry and how he believes they should be put right. In fact his channel is growing beyond just reviews/rants as he offers a wide variety of content. So if you want a solid gaming channel which offers a wide variety of content, look no further. I'm pretty sure there's something there for everyone.

1. RemoteRPG's

And finally my number 1 reviewer on Youtube. RemoteRPG's provides the perfect balance of humor and constructive reviews which places him at the top. Probably my favorite review of his has to be his Valkyrie Profile review which was simply perfect. In fact, his review is so good that i opted not to make one myself because his review pretty much says it all. He does a lot of reviews for differrent RPG's that most probably have never heard of which is a good start, he might not have the library of Stanburdman but he does bring a lot of RPG's to light. Like Shintai and Alloy Seven, RemoteRPG's is a highly informative reviewer who brings up a lot of good points yet he also manages to add humor to his reviews also though his jokes are often a joke in themselves. Unlike TheDevilsJoker or Stanburdman, his jokes consist pretty much of bad puns, relevant google images (ala Razorfist i suppose) and generally just bad jokes altogether but that's what gives his reviews charm. Some of his jokes can be quite true though and can be quite funny. But the real reason why he comes at the top is because he covers pretty much every little detail about the game. He likes to talk about characters and story a lot
more than most reviewers and of course the rest of it is highly informative too. I don't think theres a single thing he misses in his reviews and they can be quite long.

I just think that RemoteRPG's has the perfect mixture of information, humor and pretty much everything which makes a good reviewer. There really isn't much to say other than he's basically like Alloy Seven and Shintai but with humor. It's very difficult to decide who gets number one out of all 5 really but this guy had to be the one mainly because he impressed me so much with his Valkyrie Profile review and he seemed to have gone through the same experiences as i did in the game. So it all cane down to personal taste at the end, pretty much all of them are good. TheDevilsJoker and Stanburdman offer a great, unique and entertaining experience where as the rest provide a well formatted informative review and bring up a lot of great points.

But yeah, not much else to say really i just wanted to get this out of the way.

- Once you head down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny... and you get dental.

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