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Rant: Warcraft has already ended...


That's right, Warcraft lore is finished, of course this is 100% my opinion, not fact but everything from this point onwards is not factual and is from my perspective of the lore.
So where did WOW make the biggest screw up? I mean there were screw ups everywhere. World Of Warcraft's storyline felt like a crappy Star Wars prequel and that is an understatement. Now i'm not too sure what happened Post "war of the plaguelands" lore as WOW's plot structure is quite confusing being an MMO and all but put simply, the last chronological event in the lore from what i can remember was the death of Thomas Thomson though i may be wrong since there is a lot of lore to cover between this huge transition. In any case, from this point onwards is where things started going wrong. Almost immediately, the Night Elves lose their identity as a race.

In Warcraft 3, they were pretty much sectioned off from the other races and acted as the guardians of the world (as if there weren't already enough in Azeroth after all of Knaak's lore). They were a completely neutral society bent on upholding the laws of nature and refusing to accept the other races due to their own cynical upbringings. If anything, the Tauren would have been the perfect allies for the Night Elves, both shared similar views and found themselves responsible for protecting nature, though they both followed separate beliefs and lived in a much different society from one another. Of course the Tauren joined up with the horde in the end due to believing that the horde's actions would better their people's prosperity and Thrall was also a shaman which helped a lot too.

I could possibly see the Night elves joining the horde to some extent, they'd possibly not get along with the trolls though so i'll exclude that point. In any case it turns out that the Night elves willingly join forces with the humans... bullshit. Seriously, humans have mages... warlocks even (according to WOW lore). Why would they join up with the alliance!? It makes no sense, they are a completely neutral race but of course it's not the worst of it... it gets worse believe me.

The kicker that it turns out the Forsaken somehow managed to find themselves a place in the horde... bullshit! Unless there was some sort of secret fling going on between Thrall and Sylvanas which i'm led to believe is true should we acknowledge WOW lore. This is what leads to quite possibly the worst storytelling i've ever heard in a videogame. The Battle For Undercity event in WOW... boy oh boy is this some fuck up shit right here. So leaving off from the last event that happends in the war of the plaguelands, Balnazzar and Varimathras are having a conversation about spreading some kind of plague across Azeroth. If you have read the Ashbringer comic, you can probably empathize here. The Dreadlords plan was perfect, yet quite complex but we're talking about the Dreadlords here, the masterminds of the legion, this was just childs play.

It turns out the original plan was to acquire a naive figurehead who would be used to keep the Dreadlords identities incognito. It turns out that they had the perfect pawn. Sylvanas' hatred for Arthas made her an easy target for manipulation, better yet, they could kill two birds with one stone. Use Sylvanas to drive away Arthas then have her rule over Lordaeron for them whilst they plan their attack on azeroth from there, nobody would know and Sylvanas isn't completely innocent herself but if anything were to go wrong, she would take the blame and the Dreadlords could retreat and start again. It's pretty obvious that the Dreadlords were only using her. Heck Balnazzar openly said he didn't trust her and Detheroc's quote "let the festivities commence" suggested that their plan was deeper than any of us thought. I mean the Dreadlords have always been cautious though they tried everything. Every route led to victory, Sylvanas didn't really have many allies and the Dreadlords had a lot of gates open as a result. Varimathras' army was small for a reason, he was supposed to fail to join her side, knowing that she was naive enough to trust a Dreadlord, it's obvious from that point on he had a trick up his sleeve and even his brothers didn't get the memo.

Using all of his brothers strategies, Varimathras prepared for the betrayal, his brothers armies were far greater than his... obviously and it would have been impossible for Sylvanas herself to assault it but as Varimathras knew all his brothers plans, he could make his way in easily. Balnazzar's base was so big, they even needed to ask the humans for help, of course they killed them off later. It turns out that Balnazzar's death was faked, at least according to the Ashbringer and Balnazzar seemed to be ok with the whole thing... as if it was all part of the plan. A lot of people would consider Ashbringer lore to be retcon but considering the nature of the Dreadlords and how epic it is, i don't. Balnazzar managed to possess one of the nights of the silver hand, Saidan Dathrohan and as a result, he started his own order of corrupt paladins, as an added bonus, he also brought back Thomas Thomson back from the dead as the Headless Horseman. As for Varimathras, he was acting undercover in the undercity, knowing that eventually they would be at war with the Lich King, the Dreadlords greatest nemesis in which he could unleash a terrible plague which didn't end up killing the Lich king, but it badly wounded him. In any case, the plague managed to annihilate countless people so the plan was a success because as we all know, the ultimate goal of the Dreadlords is to cause as much mayhem and slaughter as possible and it di... well should have. Considering the fact that Varimathras basically framed the Forsaken by having them bomb the entire battlefield at the wrathgate with plague bombs, there should have been a huge conflict with the forsaken and the horde... and the alliance for that matter... until the inevitable end of Azeroth would come, Sargeras himself and blow it up.

However, according to Chris Metzen's legendary storytelling, Sylvanas fled her lands and left all her people to die... great leader. In addition, she goes up to thrall and begs him to help her reclaim her city... despite being held responsible for countless deaths at the forsakens hands, killing many of the hordes warriors. Thrall's responce was completely illogical "sure, we can help you reclaim lordaeron for the undead... even though they are a descecration to nature and are sorta responcible for killing half of my men and have done absolutely fuck all in service for the horde, we shall help you, men prepare transport for Saurfang, he'll cleave those traitors to bits. Turns out Saurfang just sat there and watched as hundreds of orcs came, killing demons 3 times the size of them within minutes... no seconds, Thrall goes in with his hammer has starts basing away at these powerful demons when he could barely scratch Mannoroth before, he seems to easily be able to dispatch the countless Pit Lords that spawn from the portals within seconds.

Eventually all the portals magically dissappear and Varimathras, knowing he has failed does the last thing a Dreadlord would ever do and that is... charge into battle. Still despite the fact that he is 5 times the size of Thrall, he is killed within minutes, Sylvanas was there too but it seems she was incapable of fighting by herself hance the reason she brought Thrall along even though she managed to defeat him years ago in Warcraft 3, though to be fair they never engaged in direct combat and the only time a demon did engage in direct combat, he was killed by Grom Hellscream who also managed to kill a demi god minutes earlier with very little effort, of course he one shotted Mannoroth, Thrall couldn't touch him. The same can't be said for Varimathras though, sure Dreadlords aren't known for charging straight into battle but they could easily hold their own against mere mortals. Obviously not it seems. Varimathras' plans were faltered because Metzen decided to make the Forsaken allied with the horde, his perfect plan wich should have ended with Azeroths destruction (or at least claiming Lordaeron for the legion) faltered due to bad and illogical storytelling.

This was complete and utter bullshit. The Dreadlords may have been villains but they were probably some of the most interesting ones and deserved more time in the spotlight. They influenced so much in the plaguelands that they simply couldn't be defeated this anti dramatically. They should have really wreaked havoc on Azeroth and at least taken Undercity back where the brothers return to cause more mischief. It was a waste, even if you don't count the askbringer lore and that Detheroc and Balnazzar were gone. At least there was still Varimathras and he could have done so much more... but everything was a complete and utter failure and Balnazzar is basically screwed too since with Varimathras down, he is forced to make a last stand by killing all of his paladins raising them up as the dead. We all know it doesn't end well for him, in fact his army is so small due to the Lich King's interruption that he is only a 5 man boss... he deserved to be a raid boss at the very least.

In any case, even though i don't play WOW anymore, it would be nice if the Dreadlords returned so that they can be fleshed out more. I doubt they would do much more with the Warcraft series though, it kinda ended after 3 and though there were a few books in retcon that were good which covered the events chronologically before WOW which doesn't hint at any Forsaken/horde co-operation which i accepted, the lore, to me at least ended at World Of Warcraft. I believe others have their moments where WOW killed the series for them and if you do, feel free to share them. There's Arthas' death, Illidan's Death, Kael'thas going crazy and joining the legion for god knows what reason only to die. So many deaths... all of them due to 25 gearwhores. How sad...

You're probably wondering, why am i taking the villains side? Because Warcraft was never about "sides", it was never a good guys will always win game, it was war, hence the name "Warcraft" and it was all about 5 major races warring amongst one another, two being the top of the heirachy which ended up turning against one another, the others being the mortals who are all split up but occasionally have to band together to save the world despite their hatreds and cynicism for one another. WOW on the other hand felt like your typical fantasy fan fic based on Warcraft lore.

Oh and one more rant... why the bloody fuck was there no option to play as the burning legion in Warcraft 3!? They were part of the war too, though they played little direct part in it, they were a major threat to the world and the main focus of Warcraft 3: Reign Of Chaos, sure they were less influential in Frozen Throne but they were still there. The undead were the closest thing to it as it let you play as Dreadlords i suppose.

Just something i want to get out of the way, i hate What Warcraft has become because of WOW... and DOTA. Plus it seems to have attracted one of the most toxic communities ever. This is just one of the many reasons why.

- Once you head down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny... and you get dental.

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