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Games I want Localized in Europe

Europe always gets screwed over when it comes to game releases, particularly rpg's which annoys me greatly. I don't think there's a single game that was never released to America from Europe (correct me if i'm wrong) sure there were delays such as Gothic 3 but they always get released in America eventually.

Europe on the other hand tends to be ignored, possibly due to the fact that Europe is multi lingual and it's hard to release a game to Europe due to translation demands. Unfortunately living in the UK, i have to put up with this as despite speaking the same language as most Americans, we get screwed over like the rest. Here is a list of games that i want localized over here in the UK. Most of them will be RPG's.

lets start with.....

Radiata Stories:

Why we never got this game i have no idea, this is probably my most desired game, it's developed by my favorite development team and is one of the few of their games that i'm missing from my collection, why can't i play it? Oh right, Square-Enix...... screw you Square-Enix.

The game seems to appeal to me based on reviews, it's apparrently very humorous and i like humor in games, not so much so that it breaks the games serious value (disgaea, borderlands i'm looking at you), but enough to keep me playing through the game.

The battle system looks pleasing, it's action based and seems to work quite well (similar to Infinite Undiscovery.

The character recruitment seems interesting, i like lots of characters in rpg's (which reminds me, i should put....)

Suikoden 3:

Now i'll admit, i've never played a Suikoden game, now i want to, i just can't afford to pay 100 for Suikoden 2, i put off buying Suikoden 4 because it had pretty average reviews (i thought of getting it after playing one of the better games in the series so i have something to compare it to), Suikoden 5 isn't too cheap either and the first game is just as bad as the second in price. Suikoden 3 on the other hand hasn't been released at all, if it was it would probably be expensive like all Suikoden games, very sad :(.

Next up....

Grandia 3:

This one is mainly for curiosity, i played Grandia 2, one of my favorite rpg's of all time (i will definitely review it) and i heard this wasn't that good. Well Two Worlds 2 was apparently not that good either and i thoroughly enjoyed it, my expectations are low for this one so i expect the worst, can't really go wrong if i can find it cheap can i? well if you call buying a new ps2 and power supply along with the game itself cheap then it works i suppose.

here's another controversial one....

Chrono Cross:

If there's one thing i love in games it's controversy, it's why i like writing reviews in the first place, to share my experiences with fellow gamers and help others decide what's right for them. Chrono Cross is a game i would like to play and review, i have played Chrono Trigger, it's an above average game for me in general (thats a good mark by the way) and i'd like to give this game a go just so that i could test the waters and see what was wrong with it, see if it's just a massive nitpick or if it's a major issue, perhaps i could even like it, who knows?

And another ps1 title.....


Very similar to Chrono Cross, this game has received some Controversial feedback but to a lesser extent than Chrono Cross mostly due to having a convoluted plot but that exactly the point that interests me, if it's as gripping as it is deep, it is probably worth playing no matter how many plot holes there are because lets face it, every game has those and after playing Star Ocean Till The End Of Time and enjoying it's insane plot twist my body is ready for Xenogears. Trouble is... you know the drill by now.

Lets put a non rpg title on here...

Kirby's Dream Collection:

Sure it's a collection and i can play pretty much all of these games in some form (got Kirby's Dream Land 3 on virtual console so i'm happy) but considering the fact that i'm a big Kirby fan, it disappoints me that we did not get this collection, it's as if Nintendo didn't want European Kirby fans to Celebrate Kirby's 20th anniversary, how hard is it to release a collection of roms that are already fully translated over to Europe? Well considering the mess Nintendo are in now, i'm not surprised they were stupid enough not to release it as the money us European fans would have paid for it would have given them a boost to their sales. This is why your sales are going downhill Nintendo.

And last but not least.....

Baten Kaitos Origins:

I still haven't finished Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings And The Lost Ocean (now that's one hell of a name right there) but from what i've played so far, the game seems pretty solid and unconventional, so much that a sequel would be appreciated. Monolith Soft tried to make up for it by giving us Xenoblade Chronicles early but this, this is what we want, bring it over here Monolith. Wii U, Baten Kaitos, Nintendo are you listening? You pretty much have Monolith on your saddle now, use it wisely and save yourself from the shit you're in now.

And that is all i can think of for now, i tended to focus on American localization's because many people have probably played these games on destructoid and i feel left out. Give us your views on these games.

- Once you head down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny... and you get dental.

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