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Current Gen: Warhammer 40K Space Marine Review

A review of a multiplayer title, i've never really been a competitive gamer so my review on the multiplayer may be subjective, i review from the perspective of a casual online multiplayer gamer who usually plays single player so....yeah, i don't really play many online multiplayer anymore and i didn't play much then, just the concept of playing against other players doesn't deliver to me and quite frankly, i've found myself one step behind everyone when it comes to online gaming. The only online game that i've invested much time in is Halo 3 which is because my friends played it, i later ended up staying on with the halo series for the forge which was back then a great tool as i didn't have the luxury of Space Engineers. Now since my xbox live subscription ran out, i no longer play Halo and i don't plan on getting an xbox one and considering the fact that Halo 3 kept my interest in online first person shooters, i probably won't ever play a first person shooter ever again but here's a review of a third person shooter that seemed similar to Halo, Warhammer 40K Space Marine (now that's a long and confusing title for a first person shooter).

I picked this game up having never played a Warhammer game before, I was interested to see how a fps could fare with a hack n slash thrown into the mix, the result is this, Warhammer 40k Space Marine. Now I have mixed views on this game and i have to say that on release, this game was pretty bad, lots of lag problems and stuff (there still is today if you can even get in a match) and unbalanced classes. The thing that made me care less about these problems was exterminatus, a survival game where it is all about killing endless waves of orcs, it really made every class feel somewhat useful and was a lot more fun than pvp multiplayer (which is atrocious).

Regardless i'll talk about all the components individually. The single player campaign was a lot of fun in some segments and frustrating in others, now I played on hard mode and I can say that for the majority of the game I had a satisfying challenge, just enough for me to enjoy the game, however things started getting a little bit ridiculous in the later chapters where you have to fight against chaos marines, there was one part where you had to fight all these chaos marines who were on catwalks above you and they all shoot at you, this would be fine if you could actually reach them but you couldn't access the catwalk and all you could do is camp behind the crates and throw nades up there hoping that it will kill a bunch because there are way too many and you can't melee them with the chainsword.

Now I haven't completed the game, though I got right up to the final battle of the game so I think it's valid for me to review this game. during the final battle, you are stuck with a bolter/plasma gun and whatever melee weapon you have and of course your sidearm, you can't use any of the other weapons which is stupid, especially considering the fact that the waves of chaos marines he throws at you is insane, the game markets itself as a third person shooter which doesn't support cover, yet by the end of the campaign, if you're on hard, you have to cover in some parts which is annoying and defeats the whole purpose of the game, this is Warhammer, not Gears Of War!

Story wise, this game is pretty much like your typical modern fps campaign, it's nothing special and pretty clich, the space marines lack personality, it's as if they were genetically modified to specifically have no personality. Even the most disciplined of soldiers would have some kind of personality, these guys seem a bit too disciplined. Despite this, as I said in the title, this game has charm. There's something really cool about being a juggernaut and beating the living crap out of orcs and other enemies, plus the campaign has some pretty awesome moments such as blowing up a huge orc ship. There are collectable audio logs to be found which gives you something to look for at least. Overall I would say the campaign is good only for the actual gameplay but exterminatus is better.

The multiplayer portion of this game has two modes, versus (the bad mode) and exterminatus (the good mode). Versus is essentially your typical fps multiplayer, kill, capture points etc. The problem is that the lag causes many deaths and the class system is unbalanced. Let me explain, there are three classes in the multiplayer, assault, devastator and tactical.

Assault gets a lot of hate due to the thunder hammer being insanely powerful, especially with killing blow, yet the storm axe is ridiculously underpowered, the chainsword is pretty weak too for the most part and although it can kill tactical marines with ease, it's useless against devastators with iron halo on. Assault is basically the melee class which also comes with a jump pack, I think this is a bad combination for two reasons, first of all it makes little sense as you can't do anything in the air with a melee weapon, second is that because the game doesn't have a motion sensor (which it really needs) it can make assault really annoying at times because you can't see them.

Tactical marines are basically your typical run and gun dudes who can roll and use all kinds of rifles, i'd say that tactical is the most satisfying class to play as you feel as if you have earned your kills and you have more versatility than say an assault player. The guns surprisingly have a lot of punch to them, especially when fully upgraded and there's a gun for all tastes, are you a sniper? stalker bolter, are you an up close and personal kind of guy (or a camper)? melta gun do you just want a balanced gun useful for all kinds of situations? bolter. The tactical class is definitely the best class, even though i'm kind of a sword guy personally, i often ended up using this because I was terrible with the sword.

Devastators are as their name implies and this is not a good thing. Devastators carry the best weapons in the game, the heavy bolter, the lascannon and the infamous plasma cannon. This class is designed specifically for campers...bad idea. How people can openly say that this is a balanced class is ridiculous, for starters, the heavy bolter has way too much range and it can turn super fast and kill anything in less than a second making chainsword users helpless as devastators can just turn around and fire a few bullets into their armor faster than a chainsword user can finish them. The lascannon is slightly more balanced but it's pretty much a dumbed down stalker bolter as it can two shot anything (besides devastators of course). Now to be fair, the lascannon does require a bit of skill to use but for the most part it can be pretty cheap and annoying for it's victims.

The the worst offender is the plasma cannon which fires huge mortars that explode on impact, killing anything in the area instantly, think of it as the noob tube of space marine because that is essentially what it is. it's big and powerful and doesn't take much skill to use.

Versus aside, lets talk about exterminatus, exterminatus is great as it pits you with a great amount of enemy variety and it proves a challenge to even veteran space marines, best of all, it's actually fun to use a chainsword (at least until those red armored dudes come in). The only issue with it is the "secure this location" parts which add nothing to the gameplay and give you a game over for no reason. The other problem is the join in progress which defeats the purpose of survival. If you have friends to play with though it can most definitely be fun.

Lastly I wish to talk about the customization which is arguably the best part of the game, in multiplayer, you get to customize your own marine, give it chapter colors or make your own, there's lots of armor to unlock and i found it fun to do considering the fact that there is a wide variety of option to make you stand out amongst the crowd, I think they rather excelled here. Compared with halo's customization, this game is vastly superior.

Overall, despite all the good parts, i wouldn't recommend this game in it's current state as the online is pretty much dead and the campaign leaves much to be desired, i suppose at it's current price (about a fiver 5.50) it's worth a pick up if you just want to experience it yourself or if you have friends but other than that I'd pass, you probably won't miss all too much. Do not buy this game used because there is an online pass, although it doesn't restrict online access it restricts access to many of the weapons and armor

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