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My Work

As a content designer I was to help Dylan and Chris C. on the story board, I wasnít great at it so I mostly gave feedback on their ideas. Most of my help came in on the mechanics/systems, like cash shop items and power ups that are going to...


What I learned in gaming class

In this class there were three tracks you can go down: art, programmer, and designer. Art was out because I canít draw and the other two I knew nothing about. As the weeks pass of all the things I learned I felt designer with a little bit ...


Road to Orbscure

We had to come up with a game, genre, platform, and three good game ideas. A mobile game was chosen and we went through a long voting process for the three types of games to make. The three games were a drawing game, tilting game, and an an...


Blog Day 1-2

My first day of class felt like an x-box live party chat if the real world was the internet. I didnít feel lost like I do in my other classes because I was surrounded by my enjoyment. After the teacher told us about what we expected to le...



Hello everyone this is Terrell with his very first blog. Iím going to tell you a little bit of an amazing story of a gamer kid named Terrell. Back in 1990 I was 3 years old and I was told that I had a gift for gaming. I started out with the...


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