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left 4 dead to have dedicated servers...and a little HL2: EP3

i sent an email to valve regarding the lag issues on TF2 on the 360.. i also asked what was being done on HL2: EP3.(i asked if headcrabs are gonna be called snow crabs) this is what he said

Hello Tentu,

Thanks so much for you kind words, it’s always nice to hear when someone enjoys a product that we worked so hard on! Your question about dedicated servers for TF2 is a good one, but I don’t really have a good answer. It would be very difficult at this point to make a change like that in a title update. That said, we are exploring a dedicated server option for Left 4 Dead, and there’s always the possibility that we could bring that back to TF2. The best advice I can give you right now is to find some good hosts that have decent connections and don’t drop games, and stick with them as much as possible.

All I can say about EP3 is that there is some very exciting work going on right now. Is that enough of a tease?


Kerry Davis
Software Engineer

Dedicated servers on TF2 360? left 4 dead has em? exciting work!? you tease me enough!
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