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At the end of December, a new blogger comes (Me)

Hello, dtoiders. There's nothing really special about me. The first name's Josh, I'm this guy's brother, and we are triplets who both living with each other at the same home, with our third brother overseas.

Alright, enough about me. Other than me asking my brother to help me make a banner someday, if anyone expected anything else about me, like what my favorite games, what I like to do, and more blabber, than tough. Why should I post stuff about me on a blog when there's an about me at the side that I will update soon? I do wonder if people even look at that anymore.

My purpose here, which is the only reason I joined here, is to look at ignored or underrated blogs, fap on the ones that really deserved to be fapped on (actually the only ones that don't deserved to be fapped in my book are trolly ones, extremely dumb ones, advertisements of anything except Podtoids, and very short ones consisted of only a few sentences), and comment on them to either know how much I appreciate them or to give a few tips about them. Usually, my comments include a good amount of detail, just to prove that I read your blog/s. All this being said, I will only look at blogs that have little to no faps and comments after many hours it has been posted, so if you're a blogger that regularly has a ton of comments and faps, then no offense, but I will never even look at them (unless it's from Cblogs). I don't care how unoriginal the titles are, how unfunny they can be, how common the subject their blog revolves around are, or whatever other simple excuses that you people have that make you won't even look at a blog's first few sentences that appears right at the front of the community blogs page underneath their title. I will look, read, fap, and/or comment on those blogs. It might not mean a lot to those folks, but I want to let them know that at least I'm there for them (until further notice).

Bloggers used a lot of their time in order to make blogs, and they deserve attention for their hard work and dedication towards the community blogs. I've been lurking around this website for many years, much longer than even my brother, and I keep seeing and reading more and more underrated blogs. Even though the Cblogs members consistently reviews and recites all blogs they've read, and posts a little comment about them on their own review blogs daily, I found out that even that doesn't help most of the time. It's sad that bloggers put all their hard work and time into these amazing blogs, and they are given little to no credit from the community themselves. I finally said to myself that enough is enough.

There are people here that say that they do read those kind of blogs and many other stuff, but they just don't feel the need to comment or fap about them. Well, that's the problem. You might not ever want to comment about them, but can't a few, or someone, at least have the time to fap them? If you don't think they deserve faps, then at least comment so that you can at least prove to them that you read their stuff. "I don't have time" is actually an excuse I read from a few before when I was lurking. You don't have a second to spare to click the fap button, or write at least one sentence on their blog? Ridiculous jibberjabber. Bloggers continue to wonder what they did to not get the attention they deserve, and while they sometimes do get answers about that and fix the mistakes they make in future blogs, their blogs are still ignored or underrated. I don't like that at all. One good example is my brother. Unless he types sob stories, he tells me that he keeps getting little attention. Although I tell him many times that it isn't his fault at all, not to worry, and other stuff, he still blames himself (but I think it's mostly because of the personal problems and drama we keep facing almost every day at home that make him feel that way that I definitely won't get into detail about. He's pretty moody. Still, it's a good example).

So that's my goal. I will also post a monthly blog list about those blogs that haven't been treated fairly that deserves to be treated fairly. I will post the first one on the first of February 2013. I hope that the things I do will help those people continue to post what they want to post in whatever way they want while following the website rules. I will usually be online late at night or very early in the morning. Earlier than when I posted this.

One last thing. I noticed a ton of sex jokes over the years I lurked here. This is only directed to the people who keep doing it almost every single day and this is just my opinion, but can't you guys come up with anything else that isn't sexual? It's not that it is harmful, it's just getting old. I kept reading people's sexual desires of riding on Jim or something else like that. That's nice and all (???), but really? (^.^')
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