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Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) review

Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) review It's been four years since the last mainline Final Fantasy game and since then I've moved on to other games to get my JRPG fix such as Dragon Quest, Persona and the Tales series. My opinion of quality JRPG...


Dante's Inferno Review

When I first came into contact with Dante Alighieriís ďDivine Comedy,Ē I wasnít in a literature class, but rather a Web design class in high school. One of my assignments entailed designing a virtual tour in Flash about the poem. It talke...


DJ Hero review

DJ Hero was surreptitiously released last week and itís unfortunate that such an original game gets lost in the music game clusterfuck of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Though itís not completely original since Konami started a turntable rhythm...


Brutal Legend Review

Psychonauts was my first experience with Tim Schafer and his creative development team at Double Fine. I loved the game for its hilarious story and creative game design. When it was revealed in 2007 that Schaferís next masterpiece was going...


The Beatles Rock Band Review

First, Iím going tell you that I was never into the Beatles, or any music for that matter. As such, Iím often seen as an outcast in that regard and I had little interest in The Beatles Rock Band when Harmonix announced the game. However, ...


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