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*VGR* Rage is the best investment.

Here's a change of pace for me. I'm attempting some fanfic here. Let me know what you think. Oh and before you read this, Go play Minotaur in a China Shop first. If you've already played it, continue on! The key easily slipped into th...


*NVGR* Stupid is as stupid does.

Here is a story of my youth. Hope It continues to make you laugh. Stupidity is a resource that will never run out. It is an all-powerful force that can strike at any moment and turn a great situation into one of dire proportions. The e...


*NVGR* Necessity Above All Else

This clip will make more sense when you finish reading this story. Enjoy! I have needs. Many of them in fact. I need certain things to live. Water, food, shelter are the three basic needs that are unanimous to all human beings. Follow...


*NVGR* The most horrific story ever told.

Thanks for the heads up community. No pandering. Msg received. Hope this one makes you laugh too. In case you don't know the song Dr. Feel Good by Motley Crue, watch it first. Trauma is something that everyone has experienced. Physic...


*NVGR* Dunk-a-roos: Crack For Children

Before you read this, watch this youtube video. I've had a few interesting experiences in my life. I'm about to tell you one of my first interactions with authority and my disregard for it. The catalyst? Dunkaroos. My parents were the t...


Cheese Whiz: The Spread of Satan?

So this morning I'm looking at a container of cheese whiz, and the question enters my head. how do they make cheese whiz? i mean it can't be made like other cheese. It's easily spreadable, it's a slightly disturbing radioactive shade of yel...


Hackers Punkbuster: A Warrock Legacy

So for those of you who play any online FPS games will know, hackers are quite possibly the biggest losers on the face of the earth. Even more than that guy down by the 7/11, trying to bum smokes off people, or the creep who drives past the...


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About Me:

I'm a 21 year old gamer from Canada who refuses to accept rational or logical explanations of all things. Armed with a large vocabulary and total disregard for morals and opinions, I fight for Justice. Or Destruction. Which ever gets me teh pwn.

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Fear: Shit makes you run
You can't get out eggnog stains
Rage is the best investment
Stupid is as stupid does
Necessity above all else
The most horrific story ever told
Dunk-a-roos: Crack for children