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Corporate shills suck!

I was just reading on gamespot the reader reviews for the Xbox 360 game Two Worlds and I am thinking I aint reading gamespot any more.
Let me start this rant with the fact that 2 worlds is an unfinished, broken piece of crap that wouldnt have done well 2 years ago let alone now. Anyone who was involved in releasing this game in the state its in should be relagated to working in dishrooms of very busy waffle houses. It is "teh suck" pure and simple.
Reader "Gho5ty" gives it a 10! saying it is "amazing" WTF????!!!! What fuggin game was he playing. wait, whats this? time spent/40-100 hours? So theres 60 grey hours of "I think I am playing a fantastic game but I am not sure" Dude, don't review games while in the depths of an ether binge. OK? Wanna dig deeper? You need go no further than this. This is the only review he's done for gamespot.

Gho5ty is a corporate shill. Actually, I would have thought that he might be one of the people responsible for this turd but as it turns out, theres 332 player reviews as I am typing. Thats a pretty large response for a sucky game thats only been out 2 weeks, aint it? I mean, If I'm wrong here someone please call me out.
See, heres what is happening. The game sucks, they know it sucks but they're all like "AAUUUGHHH, we need money RIGHT NOW to pay for all the whores we used". So they release a piece of crap and try to pad the reviews. If you look at the percentages of review scores for this game, you will find 49.5% of the reviews are good, great or perfect. The other 50.5% are ABYSMAL or other. aroud 30% are other. BTW i guess gamespot gets kudos for a piechart of review scores but they are gamespot so they suck and piecharts aren't going to save them. So that means, for every bad review on gamespot by a reader, there's one that is good. How is that possible? How can just as many people find a game fun as people find the game painful to play. Weird, aint it?
What is pissing me off here is the same thing your dad has been yelling at you for years about. Actually theres 2 things but this is the first one. If these people spent HALF as much time improving the game as they spend trying to decieve you that its good, it might have been an alright game. Didn't ring the bell there? Hows this, "If you spent half as much time doing your homework as you do trying to get out of it, you would be getting straight A's". There. On my page now? Of course you are.
The second one is simple. This practice is dishonest. It's LYING. The older you get, the more lying is gonna piss you off. Trust me on this one.
So, what do we, as gamers, do about it? There aint alot you can do. If you post that the game sucks, they add 2 posts that it's "the best thing since doing it with 2 chicks".
There is something you can do, and it will make your dad proud of you. Do your homework. Find places where you can get honest opinions from real people. You know, like right here? Go out into the interwebs and look for reviews of "Two Worlds". If the review is above a 7 they cant be trusted. This game stunk really bad IMHO and I can't see how ANYONE would write a glowing review of it unless they got some cash for the hookers outta the deal. Get it? After that theres only one thing to remember, YOU VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS! If you go out and buy this turd, you are assisting the "make crappy game, spin like crazy, profit" buisness model. You know what that will get you? MORE CRAPPY GAMES!
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