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Corporate shills suck!

I was just reading on gamespot the reader reviews for the Xbox 360 game Two Worlds and I am thinking I aint reading gamespot any more. Let me start this rant with the fact that 2 worlds is an unfinished, broken piece of crap that wouldnt ha...


CoD4 because I love you

the euro release of the CoD4 beta for the 360 is on sept 10th. If you wanna get a token to be able to play you need to register on dont forget the confirm email. After your registered go here http://gamers...


Overlord is nice.........

First Blog. Ever Only thing going on worth writing about is my experiences with the new PC game Overlord. I was told that this was alot like the Nintendo game Pikmin. I have never played Pikmin so I guess the last statement was kinda irre...


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