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The short end of the stick- nameless peon

When playing through many action or shooter titles you will most likely encounter many enemies, some of them look great, have a back story with the main character you happen to be playing as and a unique way of trying to kill you, but on t...


About TeepotheGreatone of us since 9:05 PM on 11.22.2009

Well my name is Shannon, and as you can tell from how my name is spelled with the o I am of the male persuasion. I started gaming at the tender age of 3 when my parents got me an NES and from that point I was a goner. I have been into gaming ever since and have loved every second of it.

I found D-Toid about 2 years ago and have been lurking and finally decided to join up and bore all the community with my opinions.

My favorite genres of video games are old school JRPGs, 2-D fighters, platformers, adventure,SHMUPS and turn based strategy. My favorite games are Breath of Fire 2 and 3, Megaman X, Street Fighter 3rd Strike, GGXX Accent core plus, LoZ MM, Touhou EoSD, Banjo Tooie, KoF 2002 UM, FF4, FF9, and just about any Super Robot Wars title.

I am currently playing Bowsers inside story, SF 3 third Strike, Vanguard Bandits(I never get tired of playing this game) BlazBlue, Lost Odyssey, CoD MW2, and Tekken 6.

I am also a very big anime fan and watch many different kinds, the only thing I tend to shy away from is the Moetastic stuff like K-on.