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Shitty Games = Fun Games! (Sometimes) Part.2

Before I Start let's get this out of the way. It's a UFC game so yes... sweaty, slippery men rolling around with each other, yadda-yadda-yadda.

On with the game..hahha so this game wasn't exactly that much shitty, but really didn't get appreciated by most people like it should've. Seeing as to how the UFC grew in major popularity since the Ultimate Fighter reality showed aired, I thought I base this on the first UFC game that came out ages ago on a little machine that thinking about it still makes my testicles rattle to this day. This is THE ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP for the Sega Dreamcast!

The game looked awesome. The facial animations on the characters was spot-on which isn't a surprise since the Dreamcast had some really marvelous looking games (damn I miss my Dreamcast!! Bitch will pay..). The sound had some awesome punching crunch sound that really made you wanna get up and gladly punch the person you beat in the face out of a rush of adrenaline. The controls consisted of two punch buttons and two kick buttons. Combos were easy and very Tekken-like. But the best part of the game were the actual grappling action. Time everything right, and you can end a match in about 6 seconds. You would simply tackle your opponent down, do some fancy thumb-work, and Blap! You'd snap your opponents arm and the match would be over. Of course, this is if you're playing against a noob that doesn't know how to reverse and counter. Otherwise the match can take up to 5 minutes as you and the other player constantly yell out cuss words as reversals and counters are handed out over and over. Great fun.

But matches ending in 6 seconds was the downfall of this game to most. Non-gamers just want to pop-in a game, and get right into it. If you tried just popping this one in, like I said, the match would end very quickly. If you didn't take the time to realize you can counter every move in the game, you most likely hated this game cause the match would end so damn fast. The loading times would take longer than the match itself if you were a noob about the learning scheme. But really, this is a gamer site, so I'm sure everyone on here who played this game enjoyed the sick reversals and counters because let's face it, us gamers on Dtoid are a powerful demonic force that will soon cause brains to explode and babies to internally combust due to our awesomeness. . If you still didn't enjoy it, well than it was just a matter of taste in games

Many other sequels have been made for this game on the PS2 and Xbox (I think Xbox, not sure), and they were all pretty much the same. But still, the original stands out in my mind and this really ranks up on my shitty games = fun games list. And like I said at the beginning, the UFC is really popular right now, so expect a new UFC game to hit the next-gen consoles very soon (yes, it's in the works!). I'm fucking excited.

Here's the new UFC game trailer.This video isn't really good quality, but it still looks good.
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