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The Start of An Affair: Shenmue

Back when the Dreamcast ruled my life I was pretty much already known as a highly ranked nerd who spent his summer vacations gaming. Classics like Gunstar Heroes for the Sega, and Zombies Ate My Neighbors for the SNES had already set a life...


Not My Turning Point Gaming rig

First off I wanna say that most of the set-ups I've seen on here are so ridiculously awesome. You guys got like plasmas, sick gaming chair, surround sound, it's totally ridiculously rad! Mine comes nowhere near to being as cool as most of t...



So I just bombed my midterm cause I studied the wrong material all week. It was on the most obscure material we covered for probably about 15 minutes. Bah-hambug!! Not only that, but this is what I get for playing DEVIL MAY CRY 4 for 5 hour...


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3-chord Ramones style pop-punk, horror movies galore (the classic cheesy stuff), video games, beer, chicks with short hair and tattoos, anything foreign, food, and alot shouting of cuss words.

Too much 2-D fighting going on. A-Groove Sakura all day and night. If the XBOX 360 gave out beer and had a soft, moist sex-hole in the back, their would be no reason to leave the house EVER.

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