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About TechieBitone of us since 9:29 AM on 05.26.2012

Hello there, the name is Techie! I am a teenage dude living in the town of Groton, Connecticut. I'm a really friendly person. Once you get past my rough outer shell. I'm kinda' the quiet type-- all my friends say I'm a blast!

Q: How'd you get into gaming?

A: Well, uh. My very first game ever would have to be Super Mario World for the SNES, uggh man. That was like the best game ever, and I still play it todaY too, only on a Nintendo GameBoy and sometimes the emulator sittin' on my desktop.

Q: What are your favorites?

A: Hmm, my favorites? Well it has got to be puzzle, indie and shooter games. I'm a big fan of Valve, Nintendo, and any Virtual Console/Classics. I am usually seen on steam playing lots of Team Fortress 2 or Portal 2, designing maps for the community. And at this very moment in time am being taught how to use 3DS MAX, to figure out how to model some weapons for TF2. It is quite fun, actually~

Q. What are you playing now?

A. Well, awhile ago I just started playing Monday Night Combat and Super MNC, it was fun. I usually play the Support class and rack up a couple kills!