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Think about the way the throat and the way swallowing
works. The epiglotis decides what goes where down the
trachea and/or esophogus. But it gets no respect.
This tiny flap of skin in your neck decides if
something is food or air. The food goes to your
tummy. The air goes to your lungs. Without it your
food would go straight into your lungs and clog them
up. You'd have soup in your lungs. Or a sandwich. Or
doritos. Or Fresca. OR you would get air in your
tummy and be a big gassy fart bag all the time. All
that from the tiny, powerful epiglotis.

In many ways, I am like the epiglotis. Small,
unappreciated, not well thought of or respected, but
POWERFUL. So powerful that without me you'd have food
in your lungs.