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Destructoid I am humbled

In the words of a very wise and obviously incredibly hungry individual, "Families are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts." My name is Taylor Stein, and I am honored to be a new member of the craziest, most outspoken, and wonderfully witty internet family that there is, Destructoid.

As a new contributor, I hope to approach all my content with an air of humor, personality, and a healthy dose of rant-worthy opinion. If you're wondering which side of the fudge debate I reside on, well you'll just have to find out.

To introduce myself a bit, I've been a self-proclaimed avid gamer since an NES graced my household when I was about 5 years old. I can recall playing original Legend of Zelda as a peewee: running in circles, cutting grass, and collecting rupees with absolutely no direction. Regardless of the initial confusion, I was clearly bit with the addictive and alarmingly expensive gaming bug. Since then I've added just about every major console to my collection, and I have no plan on stopping anytime soon.

What started as a hobby clearly evolved into a passion as I grew older. Playing videogames led to writing about games, which after a hearty serving of luck (and a little bit of talent) brought me to the ultimate home for gaming enthusiasts, Destructoid. I stared as a blogger on 1UP, founded a few gaming sites of my own, and interned with G4 where I decided that there is no where that I'd rather be than within the gaming industry. Love what you do and you won't work a day in your life right?

Besides all the nitty gritty stuff, I'm a sushi extremist, pet lover, cartoon aficionado, and fitness fanatic who would love to get to know the great people of Destructoid. Thank you for having me, I look forward to exploring the wonderful world of videogames with you in the future!
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About Taylor Steinone of us since 11:03 PM on 02.03.2013

Taylor is an avid gamer, sushi lover, and overall nerd. After founding two gaming-related sites of her own, she went on to intern with G4, and can now be found across the interwebs writing about videogames and all their glory.