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Untapped Potential: On Placing Products

I've never really understood the outrage that arises in gamers when they believe someone is actively trying to sell them something. I'm talking about product placement, the practice of inserting images of a product into a game with the inte...



This is the first time in a long time Iíve been really excited to get my hands on a new game. Iím currently in the process of downloading Blood Bowl and, man, I canít wait to give it a spin! Iíve been really looking forward to this game,...


Adding a Random Element to Your DToid Blog

I'm a naturally indecisive person. Seriously, I mull over decisions as long as possible. It's not always a weakness: important decisions demand due consideration. Choosing a blog banner might not be so important, but I still find myself di...


Evolving Design

This (very image-heavy) entry was inspired by an excellent article by Bulletmagnet in which he discusses the community that built up around the TripleTriadX.com site several years ago. He also explains that his own role in the community was...


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