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The Reikland Bairns Plog: Undercoating [NVGR]

I was swithering over whether to post this one. Not strictly video game related, though it is gaming related in the wider sense, and it was inspired by a videogame. Oh well, I guess it's something a little different.

As you may have read, Ive recently been very into the new Blood Bowl game by Cyanide Studios. Specifically, I love how faithful the game is to the original boardgame. It really has inspired me to paint up a new team as my old Orcs are looking very tired and fugly.

I said in my Blood Bowl post that I was going to paint up a team of nuns. I do have this team sitting on my desk, but Im not going to paint them just yet, as I really only have the minimum number of them to form a team and although Im looking forward to painting them, Id rather paint a full team, including subs, first. As such, Ive undercoated a more generic female team:

These are a few selected models from the team. I really like the style of this team, similar to the official human one, but slender and in more dynamic poses. Im thinking a blue and white colour scheme and the name, The Reikland Bairns as a tribute to my own home team, Falkirk F.C. Reikland, by the way, is a state in Empire, the main human nation in the Warhammer world.

Now, the team is looking good and the well-balanced human rules should serve me well. There was something missing though. The humans get an Ogre in their team to fill the big guy role and hes great at stomping on those pesky blitzers on the other team. Hed look a bit out of place, however, in my otherwise all-female team. Id need a female Ogre.


The team is so far undercoated in white and I hope to start painting them over the next couple of days. Ill update when Ive made some progress.
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