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A Call to Arms (help a nice guy beta test his game)

Myself and Bulletmagnet have talked before about our involvement in the old Triple Triad X community. The sucessor community, Triple Triad Advance is an utter cesspool of a community and I really disconnected from the whole scene a few year back.

However, acouple of days ago, a new Triple Triad site went into Beta and could really use some testers trying out the game, reporting bugs and givng general feedback. The site is slick, well-designed and it's the first time in years that I've been optimistic about the game.

For those who are interested, the game is based on the minigame from FF8 with a lot of new features such as a card shop,new rles (explaned n the forums) and various community features. You can click here to visit the site, but also please sign up to the forums so you can report back on the game. My name on the site is Vimes. Gimme a shout if you fancy a game.

I really do think that this site has a lot of potential, but only if the creator takes the time to promote the game outside of the old community. There is no benefit of asking the old guard, tired and negative as they are, to give formative feedback on the site. Useful feedback will come from those outside of the old community, able to objectively give feedback that is not tainted by nostalgia or the drama of previous sites.

Please have a look at the site, sign up, have a couple of games. They've only just opened, so there aren't many playing and you may have to arrange matches wth your friends, but make the time and give it a go.
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