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Trooping the Colour

I love the Dawn of War games. Weíve already established from previous articles that Iím a fan of Games Workshopís tabletop games, but Iíve never been a huge fan of the sci-fi based Warhammer 40,000. It has a great universe, great models, an...


My Threesome

Everyone has that close little group of friends who play together, or more often multiple groups which occasionally overlap. In my case, regardless of what game Iím playing, I can count on my two closest friends to jump in and help me out, ...


I'm selling out too!

Say what you want guys, but the Examiner guys are getting paid. Anyways, on with the blog. Hello! and welcome to Tavendale's blog, sponsored by MSNBC! I dont really have anything to post about, but I can probably fill a couple of paragraph...


Blood Bowl: First Impressions

So I paid the stupid amount (£40!) for the early digital distribution of the Blood Bowl game. I had to. Iím impatient and was incredibly excited for this game. You knew this, weíve already talked about this. You see, I know Blood Bowl. I ...



This is the first time in a long time Iíve been really excited to get my hands on a new game. Iím currently in the process of downloading Blood Bowl and, man, I canít wait to give it a spin! Iíve been really looking forward to this game,...


Evolving Design

This (very image-heavy) entry was inspired by an excellent article by Bulletmagnet in which he discusses the community that built up around the site several years ago. He also explains that his own role in the community was...


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